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Changing Ways | Increase impact with behavioural knowledge

Increase your positive impact,

stimulate sustainable behaviour

Encouraging sustainable choices to make more positive impact? Reinforce your plans and actions with our expertise in behaviour. This makes them more effective and increases the impact of your organization.

Exploring reusable en refillable packaging


We are currently conducting research into the use of reusable and refillable packaging. The aim is to gain more insight into the ways in which consumers make choices, and what organizations in the Dutch food sector can do to stimulate reuse.

You can read all about this research here >

Our goal:

A better world by stimulating sustainable behaviour

How do we do that?

We help organizations to become more sustainable with knowledge about behaviour

We provide strategic advice based on behavioural science and insights. We use this to substantiate and optimize your plans and actions so that you can effectively stimulate sustainable behaviour.

Learn more about behaviour and our expertise themes, such as:

  • Waste collection and separation

  • Healthy (food) choices

  • Sustainable, environmentally friendly behaviour

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