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We are currently conducting innovative behavioural research to make a success of the use of reusable/refillable packaging by consumers and organizations in the Dutch food industry.

Reasons for this research:
  • Stricter laws and regulations in the field of packaging

  • High costs and a sharp increase in raw material prices

  • Consumers find sustainable packaging increasingly important and are positive about the reuse of packaging

  • Substantial investments are already being made in innovations in this area, but these have not yet really caught on with the general public


There is therefore still a lot of potential for growth in the market for reusable/refillable packaging. This research helps the food industry to make optimal use of this potential.

Research design:
  • Insight into how consumers make choices when it comes to reusable/refillable packaging

  • Concrete and practical advice on how organizations can encourage the use of this packaging among consumers

  • Answer to the question of how organizations in the food industry in the Netherlands can optimally benefit from the potential and the growing market of reusable and refillable packaging


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