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We are currently conducting innovative behavioural research to make a success of the use of reusable and refillable packaging by consumers and organizations in the Dutch food industry.

Reasons for this research:
  • Stricter laws and regulations in the field of packaging

  • High costs and a sharp increase in raw material prices

  • Consumers' positive attitudes towards and willingness to try reusable and refillable packaging

  • Developments and innovations in this area


Therefore, there is still a lot of potential for growth in the market for reusable and refillable packaging. This research helps the food industry to make optimal use of this potential.

Research design:
  • Insight into how consumers make choices when it comes to reusable and refillable packaging

  • Concrete and practical advice on how to encourage the use of this packaging among consumers

  • Answer to the question of how different organizations in the Dutch food industry can optimally benefit from the potential and the growing market of reusable and refillable packaging

Are you curious about the results of this research? Or are you wondering what these can do for you?
Please feel free to contact us at:
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