Increase your impact

Stay relevant and increase your positive impact by pushing the right buttons with behavioural science.

Advice and support

Make more impact with your actions by getting advice and support with knowledge about behaviour

Optimize your actions, so you can make more impact.Changing Ways advises and supports you with expertise in behaviour. We do this by making sure that you push the right buttons to stimulate sustainable choices.

The advantages of this are that all of your actions:

Are more effective and make more long-term impact

because they push exactly the right buttons

Support each other and build up on each other

because they are more coordinated and structured

Are more appealing and more likely to be picked up by others

because they are well substantiated with expertise

Behavioural expertise


Push the right buttons with knowledge on behavioural sciences

Why knowledge on behaviour is so valuable to make more impact? People have all kinds of buttons in their heads. Pushing those buttons, determines the choices they make.  By pushing the right buttons structurally, at the right times and in the right ways, you increase the impact of your work and your organization.


With our Behavioural Maps, we provide insight into which buttons are important, and we help you to push these buttons effectively. This way, you know exactly what you should and shouldn't do to guide people's behaviour and to stimulate sustainable choices.