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Wat we doen

Sinds 2013 helpen we organisaties om meer positieve impact te maken met gedragsverandering.


Ons doel is om te verbeteren. Te verbeteren hoe we met de wereld, met elkaar, en met onszelf omgaan. En te verbeteren hoe organisaties hierop inzetten.


We specialiseren ons in gedragsverandering, omdat we geloven dat dit bijdraagt aan een betere wereld. Door onze kennis over gedrag in te zetten voor organisaties, vergroten we hun positieve impact.

Why we do that

Human behaviour is fascinating. Due to evolution, we have all kinds of "buttons" in our heads. The situations we find ourselves in, constantly push these buttons. This sometimes consciously, but usually unconsciously, determines the choices we make.

That makes human behaviour not only fascinating, but also promising. Because if you understand how choices are made, you can influence them.


We seize this opportunity to get the best out of behaviour. We create situations that push the right buttons to stimulate behaviour that is good for the world, good for ourselves and good for others.


Our team

Mats Postema - Behavioural expert | Changing Ways

Mats Postema

Co-Owner, Behavioural Expert
  & Account manager

M.Sc - Psychology

& Behavioural Sciences

Addresses organizations to help them increase their impact with behavioural expertise.

  • LinkedIn - Mats Postema

Julie de Vaan

Co-Owner, Behavioural Expert
& Researcher

M.Sc - Communication Science

& Prosocial behaviour

Julie de Vaan - Gedragsexpert | Changing Ways

Provides the right knowledge about and insights into behaviour to optimize actions and increase impact. 

  • LinkedIn - Julie de Vaan

Changing Ways

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