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About us

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Our goal:

Encouraging sustainable behaviour for a better world

Our mission is to improve. Improve how we deal with the world, with each other, and with ourselves. That is why, since 2013, we have been using our expertise in behavioural change to contribute to a better world.

Because if you know how to push people's "buttons", you can influence their choices. We seize this opportunity to create situations that stimulate sustainable behaviour and bring out the best in people.

Our approach:

Helping organizations become more sustainable with knowledge about behaviour


Many organizations want to work on their Corporate Social Responsibility, but do not really know how. We ensure that they push the right buttons to encourage sustainable behaviour more effectively. This way, we help them achieve their sustainability goals and increase their positive impact on the world.


Our team

Mats Postema - Behavioural expert | Changing Ways

Mats Postema

Co-Owner, Behavioural Expert
  & Account manager

M.Sc - Psychology

& Behavioural Sciences

Addresses organizations to help them increase their impact with behavioural expertise.

  • LinkedIn - Mats Postema

Julie de Vaan

Co-Owner, Behavioural Expert
& Researcher

M.Sc - Communication Science

& Prosocial behaviour

Julie de Vaan - Gedragsexpert | Changing Ways

Provides the right knowledge about and insights into behaviour to optimize actions and increase impact. 

  • LinkedIn - Julie de Vaan
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