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About Changing Ways

Since 2013, we are one of the first and most experienced consultancy firms with a background in behavioral sciences. We are determined to contribute to a better, more sustainable world.


Changing Ways strives to be a thought leader in behavior change and sustainability. We like to share our knowledge, insights, research and experiences, and apply them in practice. In this way we help our customers to set up, achieve, evaluate and sharpen their sustainability goals and objectives.

Our main focus is on the food sector, because there is still a lot of improvement to be made there. We delve into relevant and current themes such as packaging, waste separation and healthy food choices. With that knowledge and expertise, we can provide valuable insights and develop tailored strategies that contribute to sustainable and positive change in these areas.

With Changing Ways you can count on a partner who helps you with expertise and enthusiasm to use the power of behavioral change and to work together on the transformation towards a more sustainable future.

Our team

Mats Postema - Changing Ways.jpg
Mats Postema

Co-owner, Behavioral Expert

& Relationship Manager

  • LinkedIn - Mats Postema

Builds strong relations with clients and makes sure there get the right help

Julie (website).png
Julie de Vaan

Co-owner, Behavioral Expert

& Researcher

  • LinkedIn - Julie de Vaan

Provides qualitative knowledge, research, insights and advice

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