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  • Julie de Vaan

Increasing fun in sports with the Dutch Football Association

To make a positieve impact with sports and football, it's important that everyone can enjoy it, feels good and treats one another with respect. Therefore, together with the Dutch Football Association, we are working on increasing fun in football and creating a safe sports environment since 2013.

These are the ways we advice and support them:


Reducing annoyance and aggression towards the arbitration

We investigate which 'buttons' determine whether people are annoyed by, comment on or act aggressive towards referees and linesmen. Based on this research, we give advice on how to reduce annoyance and aggression towards the arbitration, like:

  • The introduction of the player pass check

  • The introduction of the time penalty

  • Increasing hospitality at football clubs


Increasing the positive influence of rankings on fun of pupils

Based on our research on what determines the joy young children experience in football, we investigate the influence of rankings on this.

Based on these findings, we give advice on how to best use rankings to increase their fun: the emphasis should not be on mutual competition, but mainly on personal development and progress with the team.


Increasing the fun in football with football clubs

Based on our research on which buttons are important for fun in football, we can give advice to football clubs on how to increase satisfaction and fun. To do this effectively, we look at their specific situation, using data gathered by the 'Wedstijdzaken' app. This data can be transformed into specific actions for clubs, with which they can push the right buttons to increase the fun in football on their club.

One way in which clubs can increase fun and satisfaction, is by increasing their hospitality. A warm welcome, neat dressing rooms and drinks during halftime ensure that football players are more positive about their opponents, which has a positive influence on the enjoyment of the game.


Increasing satisfaction on different types of football fields

We investigate which buttons determine the satisfaction of players on different sports fields. Based on this research, we give advice on how to increase satisfaction.

More specifically, we look at the introduction of a new type of field: the non-fill field. To increase satisfaction with these fields, we provide advice on:

  • Improvements of the fields themselves (for producers and suppliers)

  • Improvements with regard to information and communication about the fields (for example for municipalities and clubs)

Here, you can read more about the research and results (only in Dutch).



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