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  • Julie de Vaan

How we stimulate responsible food choices with Coca-Cola

Updated: Apr 14

To increase public health, it is important that we create a situation in which responsible food choices are the standard. As an organization, Coca-Cola wants to take responsibility for this. That is why, since 2020, we have been helping them to encourage responsible choices among consumers.

Here you can read in which way we support and advise Coca-Cola:


Insight into buttons that determine food choices

First of all, it's important to understand behaviour, and to gain insight into which 'buttons' are important for making food choices. Therefore, we developed a Behavioural Map for responsible food choices, specifically for Coca-Cola and particularly aimed at choosing sugar free options.

This Behavioural Map shows how consumers make choices, and which buttons in their heads determine the choices they make. Based on this, we can push the right buttons in all kinds of different situations to effectively stimulate responsible food choices.

Change behaviour: food and health (Changing Ways x Coca-Cola)


Stimulating the choice for sugar free soft drinks in the supermarket

One of the situations in which we want to encourage people to choose sugar free, is in the supermarket. We investigate the way in which people make choices here, and which buttons influence the choices they make.

Based on that, we give advice on how to best encourage people in the supermarket to choose sugar free options. This results, for example, in:

Change behaviour: sugar free in the supermarket (Changing Ways x Coca-Cola)
  • The optimization of shelf layout, based on convenience and availability

Change behaviour: sugar free in the supermarket (Changing Ways x Coca-Cola)
  • The optimization of communication and visuals in flyers and advertisements, based on visibility and availability

Change behaviour: sugar free in the supermarket (Changing Ways x Coca-Cola)
  • A specific strategy for different types of soft drinks, based on characteristics of the target audience and the type of drink

In addition, we are working on suitable visual support in and around the shelves. Here, we do not emphasize health, but those things that people really find important when choosing their soft drinks in the supermarket.

In order to stimulate an effective and substantiated approach, we share this knowledge and advice with various supermarkets, such as Albert Heijn, Jumbo, PLUS and Hoogvliet.


Successful implementation of plans on sugar free in practice

Because it is so important that the plans to stimulate sugar free also work well in and are adopted by supermarkets, we investigate the entire process from making plans at head office level to implementing them in practice.

We find out which buttons are important for the choices that supermarkets make with regard to sugar free options. We then optimize all parts of the process, so that all of these buttons are being pushed right.

This way, we ensure that the plans regarding sugar free are successful and easy to implement in practice.


Sharing knowledge and insights about behaviour to increase our impact

To increase the impact of the actions, progress and behavioural insights on responsible food choices, we are happy to share them with others, both internally and externally. For example, during OPEN 2021 (NL).



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