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ALL-IN: Various links in the packaging chain discuss a sustainable future

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

During the Dag van de Duurzame Verpakking 2023, which is all about cooperation throughout the supply chain, we will represent consumer behavior in a panel discussion with representatives from retail and distribution, waste management, the food and packaging industry. Together we discuss the future of sustainable packaging.

Based on a number of statements about packaging, responsibilities and laws and regulations, a dialogue is created about the sustainability transition of packaging. It shows that all parties in the chain agree. Something has to change and the aim is to work towards the most sustainable way of packaging as quickly as possible.

How this should be done and what resources should be used to achieve it is sometimes still a question or a point of discussion. An important solution to this is more openness and cooperation between different parties in the chain. Consumer behavior is also an important link in this and behavioral knowledge can contribute to developing sustainable solutions and accelerating the transition to more sustainable packaging early in the process.

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